lokalisten developer platform

our new lokalisten developer platform is now open!
we invite you to develop your own applications for your favorite social network!

you want a special feature on lokalisten? implement it yourself … the developer platform supports you on your way to a cool application for the lokalisten platform. you create your application and enter the code, you test and debug in a realistic scenario in our sandbox container and finally check if your application works correctly. you publish your application to let us know that your application is available and to demand our feedback.

you find the lokalisten applications by clicking on ‚anwendung hinzuf├╝gen‘ in the black bar on the left hand side on the lokalisten live platform, check it out!

the documentation part gives you an introduction to the lokalisten application world and a lot of guidelines and code samples. as lokalisten applications are opensocial applications you will also find a lot of references to the opensocial developer guides and specifications. if you don’t find the information you need – write to our message board, other developers and the lokalisten team are happy to help.
have a lot of fun!

communicate with others!

communicate with others!

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